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Individual Whole Life Insurance

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Will this insurance policy replace or change any life insurance or annuity contract in force with Union Labor Life or any other company?
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Automatic Loan Provision
By checking this Automatic Loan Provision box, you will allow Union Labor Life to make premium payments for you. This special feature helps you avoid missing a premium payment (note: use of the Automatic Loan Provision also reduces the accumulated cash value and reduces the death benefit that is paid).

Would you like an Accidental Death Insurance Benefit Rider?
This rider can be purchased up to age 65 and provides additional benefits if death occurs as a result of an accident within 180 days of the injury. This rider expires at age 70.


Would you like a $10,000 Children's Term Life Insurance Benefit Rider?
This rider provides a death benefit for your unmarried children, 14 days through age 24. Each child may convert their coverage to an Individual Whole Life Insurance Policy prior to age 25.

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Do you have existing life insurance or annuity contracts with Union Labor Life or any other company?

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